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About Dexterous Fuels

Dexterous DMCC is a Dubai based company in DMCC, a Free Trade zone of the United Arab Emirates. Dexterous DMCC is a global company with growing strength in five continents and a continuously growing base of networks in the petrol, aviation fuels, ethanol (In the USA) and commodities industry at large. We believe in clarity in our dealings, we are a hands-on company, getting into every aspect of the business, changing what we think is essential and building viable long term relationships through diligence and accuracy in all accounts.

On Mission

Our mission is to assist our clients and partners to grow and be efficient by providing already set platforms for business operations. We are experts in the commodities procurement industry and taking advantage of opportunities that arise. We believe in creating simple business approaches to mitigate the complexities that are naturally part of the procurement Industries.

Auxiliary Industries

A part of this natural occurrence processes is the other side of Dexterous DMCC -our consulting business. We consult business around the world from Telecommunications, Financial to Sports agencies. One of our understanding is that no business is too small or too big. We have a team of tried and tested Directors, full-proof founders of some of the biggest companies worldwide, International and Commercial Law experts with experience in the various facet of the Corporate world.

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