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Aviation fuels are fuels used for aircraft propulsion. A basic distinction is made between four diverse aviation fuels:

Jet fuel (Jet A-1, kerosene)

Kerosene-gasoline mixture (Jet B)

Aviation gasoline (avgas)


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Dexterous DMCC is joint in the coalition to help air carriers realize their plans, all over the world, meaning they can look forward to the future, with confidence. As a leading fuel procurement specialist with partnerships around the globe. Whether you are looking for jet fuels, diesel or gasoline we can help. Enquire with us today by sending an email to set up a time and date to speak about your needs.

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Other Types of Aviation Fuel

We have presented the main four aviation fuels used for Commercial planes fuel, Military Airplane fuel, Private jet fuel, and general aviation. But there are some other types of aviation fueling too. These aviation fuels are used in special conditions or circumstances like extreme weather.
In Russia and other CIS nations, the primary Jet Fuel is TS-1. This Jet fuel is kerosene type. Its freeze point is -50°C, which is lower than even Jet A1. But it is essential for flying in colder weather.
Considered as the military substitute of Jet A-1, JP-8 includes anti-icing additives, onward with a corrosion inhibitor. This Jet fuel is used ordinarily by NATO air forces.
This kerosene-based fuel is used commonly by military aircraft.
Dexterous DMCC’s network of major and local fuel suppliers, ensure that we are well-equipped to refuel your aircraft at every commercial, private, or military airport around the world.

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